Labor Inclusion FUSION! Plus dessert!


We were honored to be invited to present an egg cooking class to culinary students at RISE! The class started with food safety, kitchen and work areas sanitization, prepping supplies and equipment, focusing on the nutrition and versatility of eggs. The students then followed the recipes to create the following items:
(served 60 guests)

(1) Three “Grant Hickman’s Sunday meal prep bake”
24 servings per pan

(2) Egg salad in Ziploc bags to easily assemble on the job! We used Cheesecake Factory Molasses Bread and Buttertop white bread, to make 25 sandwiches.

(3) Creme brûlée with Jumbo Egg Yolks!!!
50 mini Creme brûlées

Using the PET containers to start their lettuce and spearmint to add to cool water for hydration.

Used newest technology to air drop Hickman’s newest cage free environments in Tonopah and Arlington Arizona onto their smart TV!

Three cooks are now going to apply at, Food Server/Food Truck

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