Jared Porter

Executive Chef: La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria

In 2002, when La Grande Orange opened on the corner of 40st & Campbell in the upscale neighborhood of Arcadia in central Phoenix, Jared Porter was one of the original chefs. “When La Grande Orange first opened in Arcadia, the area was nowhere near where it is now, houses were older and overlooked and by us moving here, we helped establish a place for community and the area has thrived.” Fun Fact: Other restaurants in the LGO Family include Chelsea’s Kitchen, Buck & Rider, Ingo’s Tasty Diner and the Misfit

Favorite Egg Dish: Soft boiled! Jared gets inventive with breakfast, “I will do a soft boiled egg in jasmine rice for breakfast, it’s the right kind of food to keep me on my feet and power through the day!”