Egg Farms in Africa

by Glenn Hickman
The initial barn at an African egg farm would produce about 25,000 dz eggs per year, need only 2 people. At 300 eggs per person consumption, 1000 people would be fed annually. That’s a pretty good ratio of work to results.
The cost of construction and the labor component is way high. No car or sales manager would be needed. A working manager and one full time helper would be plenty. Two people could perform all the necessary tasks per day in perpetuity. Including wholesale delivery if necessary. (continued...)
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American Egg Board (AEB) Classroom education

America’s egg farmers invite you and your students to learn more about where your eggs come from and how eggs move from the farm to your tables. Educational lesson plans and activity sheets are now available for kindergarten through high school.

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Eggster 500

Say hi to Funky, our longtime team member at Hickman’s! Funky wants to thank Russell and Robert in Reno, Nevada for sharing this online curriculum. Our hens are the secret to the fastest learners in the western USA! Eggster 500 and reading and spelling from Abeka keep kids gaining on the competition!

Farm to Football

From pen pal opportunities with Arizona farmers to learning how agriculture makes a difference on and off the field straight from an Arizona Cardinals player, this program is a definite “touchdown” for Arizona students.

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With this program, not only will a representative from Hickman’s Family Farms visit your classroom, but your students will receive hands-on lessons about poultry production, embryology and nutrition as they learn to hatch eggs and care for chicks in the classroom.

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