President & CEO

Since the age of 19, Glenn Hickman has been running the family business alongside his brothers Billy and Clint and his sister Sharman. Growing up in what used to be a rural Glendale, Arizona, Glenn spent time working in all facets of the farm’s operation. After years of experience and hands-on expertise in every job from egg-packer to account manager, Glenn’s knowledge of the business spearheads the company’s expansion and adaption to the ever changing market– including unprecedented industry projects such as Hickman’s Cage Free expansion, PET carton conversion and more. Glenn and his wife, Audrey, are the parents of two sons, Michael and Grant and became grandparents for the first time in 2015.

Vice President of Operations

Since early childhood, Billy Hickman quickly began to create ways to make the chicken barns more efficient in feeding, watering and climate control. While working his way around the company to learn the business, Billy began to develop plans to innovate all production processes– closing waste streams through recycling, repurposing manure as fertilizer and making sure that hen welfare is and always has been, top priority. A tribute to his grandfather– who checked in on every hen twice daily– by first checking temperatures, then hitting every feeder with his knuckle to listen to the sound it made to indicate fullness and lastly, carefully rescuing wayward hens in each of the seven hen houses– Billy makes sure he still watches every hen from his office and if you visit him, he will show you how he does it. Billy and his wife, Lisa, are parents to four children, Branden, Brett, Jordan and Bliss.

Clint Hickman
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

A graduate of the University of Arizona, Clint oversees the vast network of partners that Hickman’s maintains, as well as masterfully guiding all of the company’s marketing efforts. Community impact is a very high priority for Clint and his team. He watched his grandparents give to friends and neighbors and now assures programs are provided to help relieve hunger, support education and promote extensive and ongoing training in every community that Hickman brands are welcomed. A dedicated public servant, Clint was elected to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in March 2013, where he is an integral part of providing regional leadership and fiscal responsibility so that residents can enjoy living in a healthy and safe community. Clint and his wife, Jennifer, are proud parents to three children.

Sharman Hickman
Community Outreach Manager

The youngest in the third generation of Hickmans, Sharman is the only daughter of Bill Sr. and Gertie Hickman. Since childhood, she has been working alongside her brothers in the family business. Sharman oversees Hickman’s Community Outreach endeavors and can serve a delicious omelet in under 60 seconds, a unique skill—a proven pro with a spatula who doesn’t “crack” under pressure. A graduate of Arizona State University, Sharman serves on the Governor’s Animal Advisory Board, Arizona Educational Agricultural Literacy Foundation and is an Executive Board Member of Arizona Audubon. She is a proud mother and enjoys raising her two vivacious children.

Branden Hickman
Supply Chain Manager

Billy’s oldest son, Branden Hickman is one of the fourth generation of Hickmans in the family business. Branden brought innovation and fresh ideas to the company after attending the University of Colorado, Pueblo. Among his many achievements––and his favorite project to date––is developing the recycled PET cartons now used by Hickman’s Family Farms. This innovation assists in closing waste streams and helping the company advance in their environmentally-friendly mission. Day-to-day, Branden oversees the incoming products and shipment of all Hickman’s packaging.

Grant Hickman
Plant Manager, Arlington

Grant has been involved in the company business from a very young age, working on the farm with his cousins during school breaks. A graduate of Colorado Mesa University, Grant Hickman is Glenn’s youngest son and is a Plant Manager at the Hickman’s Arlington farm. He is currently developing technology to continue to close the company’s waste streams. He is especially enthusiastic about the robotics Hickman’s has employed to alleviate some of the hardest aspects of certain jobs for human employees. Grant and his wife, Dana, are parents to two energetic children.

Brett Hickman
Assistant Manager Projects/Operation

Billy’s second son, Brett Hickman, is one of the fourth generation of Hickmans in the family business. Brett is following in Grandma Nell’s chicken whisperer footsteps – more than 35,000 steps per day, usually before lunch break. Brett’s crew has been transitioning to cage free, from day old chicks to adult laying hens. His hands-on youth jobs at Hickman’s and his higher education experience enabled Brett to embrace the Cage Free Transition far ahead of industry standards.  Among his many achievements — and his favorite project to date — is developing the best life for our hens in their new home environments. When you remove a mother hen, it is everyone’s responsibility to train behaviors to keep hens safe and enjoying their daily routines.

Brett shares his parents’ compassion to constantly educate and invest in training to keep everyone, including our feathered staff, healthy and happy, responsibly.

Bill Sr. & Gertie Hickman
Co-founders of Hickman’s Family Farms

Mr. and Mrs. Hickman Sr. started the company with Bill’s mother and father in Glendale, Arizona. As their family and their farm grew, the Hickmans began to employ innovative practices to keep operations running smoothly. Bill drove trucks, organized labor and tended to the chickens. Gertie ran the store and accounted for sales. Since passing the family business on to their children, Gertie has been a member of the Peoria School Board and Bill Sr. enjoys golfing and both enjoy spending time with their many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They are celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary in 2018.