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Introducing Our New 100% Recycled PET Egg Container

There’s a new container hitting the shelves in Arizona. Made entirely from post-consumer PET soda and water bottles at Global Plastics in California, every day millions of water soda and bottles are ground, washed, and formed into containers for Hickman’s Family Farms. It takes about five bottles to make an 18-count egg container, and about three bottles to make a 12-count egg container. Consumers love being able to see the eggs they are buying without opening the packages, and store personnel are happy about the reduction in egg breakage and packages damaged from being handled.

FDA Approved for Food Contact

Global Plastics uses a state of the art washing process that has earned a letter of non-objection from the US Food and Drug Administration for use in direct food contact applications and is certified by the American Institute of Baking for good manufacturing practices in the production of food grade packaging.

Landfill and Green House Gas Reduction

In theory, all plastics are capable of being recycled, but that doesn’t mean they all get recycled.  PET is one of the few plastics economical enough to actually recover and reprocess.  It is a sought after material, and because of its value on the scrap market, it should certainly steer clear of the landfill. Every ton of egg packages converted to recycled PET from Styrofoam saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 2.67 metric tons of CO2.

Cradle to Cradle

Using a 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET package is a two-for-one deal. You rest assured knowing the product was made out of existing materials without the use of added petroleum, and can be confident that after its intended use, the packaging will be recovered once again, melted and molded into another product. The cycle can continue indefinitely for many years to come.

The Global Plastics Recycling Process

First, recycled PET bottles arrive in bales from buy-back centers throughout California. They are then sorted by color and category, ground, and washed. They are then formed into pellets, melted into sheets, and then molded into packages.

Innovative Design

Lock in support pillars offer unparalleled protection by allowing the egg to be fully beneath the lid of the package. This design reduces breakage and enhances stacking strength. The transparent package eliminates the need for the customer to open it for inspection, but the easy to open tabs on the package makes access convenient.
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The old adage of “from trash to treasures” truly applies to recycling post consumer plastic. Use it, recycle it, make it into something else, then recycle it and use it again. Our new transparent carton is entirely “closed loop” recycled!

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