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Sustainability Programs
at Hickmans Family Farms

Hickman's Family Farms understands that to be successful it must be a responsible, sustainable corporate entity. Through all aspects of our company we are committed to sustainability - economically, environmentally and socially.

This commitment is measured by how we develop, produce and market our products, how we care and respect the flocks, land and environment in which we operate, by treating all people with dignity and consistency, and by entering into business relationships with suppliers and customers who share our dedicated sustainability vision.

Buildings are strategically aligned to take advantage of prevailing wind patterns. By aligning them in such a way, less energy is used maintaining optimum interior climates year around.

All new buildings on all sites and functions will be utilizing natural lighting to reduce electrical usage for lighting during the daytime hours of operation.

All existing buildings will be retrofitted to utilize natural lighting.


Reducing our carbon 'claw' print

The feed mill, owned and operated by Hickman's Family Farms, eliminates 16 trucks, traveling 160 miles, 365 days per year.

The daily delivery of feed.


Meals on wheels, Hickman style.


Technology to assure inventory levels and keep our "hen's kitchen pantry"full.



Robots make hard tasks easier for human staff, while reducing packaging waste.

Big Bill...

Big Bill and his brother Big Bill Full Throttles reduce pallet jacks traveling across floors and prevents staff members from having to lift 600 cases every hour for ten hour shifts.

  • gently transports finished product, reducing human handling breakage;
  • reduces electric transport device movement and satisfies noise abatement;
  • reduces workers lower back strains and upper body and trunk injuries.


Shrinky only uses the specific amount of plastic to stabilize pallets for movement. He also helps Gilberto and Santiago from feeling dizzy, by not having to go round in circles for their ten hour shift!

  • reduces the shipping department use of pallet wrap for stabilization;
  • eliminates the need for staff to go in circles for 10 hours per day.

The MOBA machines

  • reduce energy consumption by 66%.
  • water useage is substantially reduced
  • decreases shell breakage


Lucy places eggs gently in cases to reduce injuries to ladies' hands and shoulders and lower back strains. She and her sisters can keep up with the flow without eggs backing up and breaking. See what happened to Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs!(see video below)

  • reduces product breakage while increasing productivity;
  • reduces hand and arm injuries, metacarpal and phalange stress,
  • reduction of back strain and pain.


All paper packaging excess gets recycled into new paper products.

Arizona Pacific Pulp and Paper ( is our recycling partner.


Recycling just one ton of office paper helps save 17 trees, 4100 gallons of water, 384 gallons of oil, and 3 cubic yards of landfill space!


Tom Vanek is transitioning to solar powered battery chargers.

Our maintenance department no longer uses aerosols. This is the new green method of converting applicants without danger to ozone layer.


Smart scale by Bestpak assures customers that computers visually inspected and weighed each container for weight accuracy. If case is missing an item, a bar code won't be applied.


Weight inspection-Technology Sustainability.


A company wide logo and clearly marked receptacles alert everyone to sort and divert items to recycling properly.

Foam egg cartons can be diverted from landfills and made into new products. If you are interested in recycling your foam egg cartons, please email or for details.

Aluminum is recycled at Arlington North.