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This is Maddie at the Swift County Fair. She won Grand Champion in Overall Poultry. Maddie is is the grandniece of Tim and Deborah Flannery (Us Foodservice, Las Vegas Division). Winning runs in the family, as Maddie's older sister was also a grand champion winner in a previous competition.


Double Yolks

My husband and I thought you might enjoy seeing photos of our New Year's Eve experience with Hickman's eggs. We had been quietly seeing the new year in with computer games and decided we would like a snack of scrambled eggs. My husband decided to be the chef and the first egg he cracked open had a double yolk. We thought that might mean a bright outlook on 2011. The second one he cracked was also a double yolk. We decided that was pretty remarkable and I grabbed the camera and took a photo. He picked up another and said he thought this one was also a double yolk. I laughed at him and he cracked it open and sure enough ... another double yolk. I had never had this happen before so I took a couple more photos. No other eggs in the carton were double yolk. Thought you might enjoy seeing this. Thanks for a safe, healthy and delicious product.

Hello, - Sharing our FB post. We love Hickman eggs...! New Marketing/Patent concept? Please remember you heard it from us first. Can't wait for our next Hickman choice... eggo...! We tell everyone to buy Hickman eggs, there are no others like em... Some friends say we have double the luck of the Irish with us now. Thanks Hickman! - Smiles...! - Gaile and Keith

Maria's son, Eddie, demonstrates plastic versus genuine Easter egg

Alvin and Arlene Scheuer of Phoenix shared a picture of a model of a Hickman's delivery truck displayed on their HO model railroad layout making a delivery to a restaurant. The HO model railroad display, which also includes operating HO scale slot cars (shown in the picture, and which cross train tracks) is in the family room at their home. It has evolved over some 45 years. The Hickman truck was added more than 10 years ago, and purchased at a model train show.

"I took these pictures at the Certified Local Event on 10/01/05 at the Duck & Decanter Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ

I thought you might like to add them to your photo album."

David M. Culling

Tiffany: "I just made omelets w/ Hickman's Eggs! :)"

We are going to be your experiment family. If our family lives a long life, you can blame it on Hickman's Eggs. We eat them 3-4 times weekly and we only consume the Hickman brand. It is local and delicious.
Love, Janel

It's an egg building in Spain, the Galatea Torres Figueres Contributed by Karen Friend.

Maddie has raised two chickens and a black rabbit and showed them at a Cloverbud 4H exhibition. She is the grandniece of Debbie Flannery, U.S. Foodservice, Las Vegas Division.

Nancy Smith shared this picture of her granddaughter and her Hickman's Easter Eggs.

Hickman's eggs enthusiast Kevin Downing captured this photo of Henrietta at our Buckeye location while out riding his bike. Thanks for sharing this shot, Kevin.


If you have a special "Hickman's Eggs Moment" that you would like to share with the world, please feel free to email it to us at and give us the details. We welcome your contributions.