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Robotics at Hickman's

Meet "Lucy"...

We have some employees that aren't very good conversationalists. Like "Lucy". But they are true team members at Hickman's, and save wear and tear on their human co-workers.

Introducing "Shrinky"

With "Shrinky", pallets of egg cartons can be shrink-wrapped quickly and efficiently. No more getting dizzy running repeatedly around the stack of cartons.


Introducing "Big Bill"

We are proud to introduce "Big Bill!" He is the newest member to our team at our Ak Chin Maricopa Farm. This advancement in technology was a welcomed addition by our staff who loaded millions of egg cases throughout the years. Santiago Juarez, our veteran loader, was happy to see Big Bill arrive! Big Bill can hoist 20 half cases of eggs in 60 seconds. That equates to 1,200 half cases every hour.

Jerry Hall says, "Growing bigger can be better, when it comes to saving lower back stress and making our employeess loads lighter We thought Big Bill was appropriate in honor of Bill and Billy Hickman."