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The Amazing Egg-Crate
The EGG CRATE is available Free at Costco
(while supplies last)
Ask for a Hickman's Amazing Egg Crate the next time you are at Costco. Or contact Hickman's about buying one direct.

Think outside and
INSIDE the box!
Eggs-plore a crate-full of possibilities.

About the Hickmanís crate:

Aside from being completely recyclable, itís double-walled and will hold the weight of one non-jumping toddler on top of it when itís inverted. Just be sure to remove the fold-down tabs so it lies flat.

    Here are some of our suggestions about what you can make:

  • Dog bed
  • DVDs (we find they hold about 91 if you place them right)
  • Underneath a car as oil catcher
  • Tool box
  • Swim box
  • Eco-system for lizards and turtles
  • Stacked up to hold lots of stuff
  • Books
  • Top of Fridge
  • Tech Box
  • Boy and Girl Scout supplies
  • Music box

Another use for the Hickman's crate -- a breakfast tray! (Perfect to take to early morning television spots when we carry in breakfast.)

You can have a crate-full of clean when you put all your laundry items in one easy-to-carry box.

You love your pet. Your pet loves our box. What could be better?

The outdoor patio life just got a whole lot more portable.

Swim Box - Because Arizona has so many days for fun in the sun, it makes it necessary to have all your important items in one location. Use the crate to keep together your goggles, flip flops, lotions, sunblocks, hats, swim fins, floatation devices, kids toys, sunglasses, water bottles, spray bottles, and towels.

DVDs stay put and don't get stepped on.

Cy weighs 45 pounds, and he's able to reach the faucet by himself with a little boost from the box.

Your kids' toys enjoy a longer life span when you crate 'em.

The new Hickman crate is good for storing and using my spray paints. I can pull them all down at once, choose a color and take them with us when needed.

Use the cratefull to store your manicure/pedicure, make up and brushes. Store under sink, to "hide" those beauty secrets! Ssshhhh

Hair care kit/crate full of possibilities

Save the keepers! The crateful makes a great storage solution for those special toys to keep for future smiles and memories!

Outdoor summer activities can be hard on the Ďbottomí line. Try sitting inside the crateful to protect from grass, bugs, dirt, to ease your down time!

“Here's a photo of our dog Lacey in her new dog bed”
from Karyn of Centennial, Colorado
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Do you have a unique idea about using one of these Hickmanís crates in a creative way?
Send an email to and attach a photo. Be sure itís a Hickman Egg-Crate! If we post your idea on our website, you will receive a Hickmanís Fun Pack and a Costco gift card. (If you need a Hickmanís crate, ask for one the next time you are at Costco, or contact about buying one direct.